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付与 人気上昇中 KIA K92012-2017用の自動車用タイヤ空気圧センサー

KIA K92012-2017用の自動車用タイヤ空気圧センサー


KIA K92012-2017用の自動車用タイヤ空気圧センサー


Product Description:
Product: Tire Pressure Sensor
Material:Metal + plastic
Part Number: Part Number:529333T000
compatible: for KIA K9 2012-2017
Package Contents:
4 * tire pressure sensors
Only the above package contents, other products are not included.
Regarding our tire pressure monitoring sensor, it is mainly responsible for monitoring the pressure of each of your tires, ensuring that you understand the condition of your tires at all times to protect your tires, prevent tire leaks and reduce tire damage.
Secondly, the tire pressure monitoring sensor is an indispensable component. Its function is to avoid excessive or uneven tire pressure. Proper tire inflation can improve fuel economy and tire wear, braking and stopping distances, while reducing slippage, and they can work perfectly, our ideal accessory for tire pressure testing!
・Professional installation is strongly recommended without installation instructions.
If you are not sure whether it is applicable, you can confirm by sending us an email.
Reminder: As long as the OEM number is the same, it is universal. You can also send an email to confirm. Please check carefully to make sure you need it.

KIA K92012-2017用の自動車用タイヤ空気圧センサー